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With the advent of battery powered vehicles, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds and other power applications, there is a real need for durable, reliable power connectors.


Prüf- & Kontrollgeräte


Le Groupe Estoppey-Reber a pris la mesure des risques associés à la pandémie par le virus COVID-19 "Coronavirus" sur le territoire suisse et


In Aegerten und in Châtel-St-Denis können bei uns Tesla Fahrzeuge aufgeladen werden.


Steiger surface treatments for dental implants


New Image video 130th anniversary



Our new process to provide the sliding surface for electronic connectors: the SANTOLUBE

Medical: Electropolishing of steinless steel,

Aluminium and Titanium, Biobright

Titanium anodisation BioCoat, Biodize, Biocer,
SLA Process

Sandblasting, Laser marking

Cleaning, Passivation

Labelling and packaging for the medical industry

Spatial: Alodine 1200, black anodic
               oxidation (ESA PSS 01 703)

Aluminium passivation, anodization, hard anodization, Ematal,
Plasma anodization Alucer

Microelectroforming: hard nickel, soft nickel,
                                      phosphorous nickel,
                                      copper, gold

Decorative and functional PVD coating Spectracoat

Specific research and development

Individual customer solutions

Innovation and consulting

In agreement and according to your needs, our technicians and engineers develop the most economical and suitable technical solution to provide the requested function to your surface.



Quality department

Our laboratory controls and analyzes the production and the quality. It defines the specifications of control for each application. The worth of the process and its efficiency is very important for us.